Milestone Cards - For the modern mama
Milestone Cards for the modern mama! Our milestone cards are designed and printed by us. These milestone cards included your one month to twelve month cards as well as 12 halerious caption cards. We have personal experience with all of the humorous cards that are included in the pack and really hope all our modern mamas can relate!
Milestone cards pack includes:
25 Milesstone cards (15cm by 10cm) on 300gram stock card
Card Discriptions:
1 x Cover card
12 x 1 Month - 12 Month
1 x Today I fell off the bed. Mom kissed my ouchie all better
1 x I officially had my first public meltdown. Mom just ignored me...
1 x I ate my food off the floor. Mom used the five second rule
1 x Today I made my first PooNami. It was EPIC
1 x I have got my first tooth. This explains why I have been an A*!hole
1 x Today I spat out moms cooking. She wasn't impressed but that mush was nasty.
1 x Today was the first time I crawled. My parents started baby proofing...everything
1 x Today was the first time I walked. I had everyone cheering me on! I felt like a rockstar
1 x I drank water out of the dog bowl. It's better then from my sippy cup.
1 x Today I was an A*!hole. But mom still digs me
1 I just discovered my private bits. They kept me entertained for ages
1 x My parents are hungover for the first time since having me! Oh yeah

Milestone Cards - For the modern mama