MacNilly Doll - Joy

Joy - named after a beautiful little girl who is apart of Downsideup SA. 


Words from here mom: 


"Joys name is God inspired. I had a dream while I was pregnant, and God told me that my tears would be tears of joy and I am having a little girl and I am to name her Joy. Joy's name is perfect for her personality. She just radiates joy in every form. She has a beautiful aura around her. Everyone that meets her is taken by her beautiful personality. She is 7 and will be 8 in October. He favorite toy is her wond. She will have her wond in her hand most of the day singing. She is very Independent and wants to do everything herself and tells everyone what to do, as though she was the boss.She interacts very well with other children but also likes her own space. She is also very loving and affectionate with people she is comfortable with.”


Made from 100% cotton fabric and stitching. Hand paointed face and head with non toxic fabric paint.

MacNilly Doll - Joy