Photo Credit: Bee Hogben Photography
Dandelion Leaves

A Family Affair

Sillybilly is a mom and daughter duo. Joy and Michaela work hand in hand to create quality baby & toddler garments at affordable prices. Joy, a seamstress and soon to be grandmother decided to try her hand at sewing baby apparel, with the assistance of Michaela her 24 year old down syndrome daughter they created the brand Sillybilly.
The brand was not only a small business venture but the importance behind the brand was to create down syndrome awareness and provide a skilled based income for Michaela. She is not only the fabric cutter, quality control keeper and great tea maker but a wonderful soul and light of the studio. Sillybilly’s fabrics are sourced locally from Sunny KZN and are hand made from start to finish. Joys goal ultimately is to create awareness for all Down Syndrome adults that are willing and capable of wanting to be extraordinary and living a fulfilling life.
Starting Sillybilly later on in life, Joy would like to use this opportunity to encourage women to support one another in small business ventures and hopefully create job opportunities for other strong independent women who are seeking to become self sufficient and independent.
They call themselves the MacNilly Team.