Welcome to our passion project. MacNilly Dolls have been a working progress for the past few months. We have been working slowly on the concept and on the perfect finishing touches to make our dolls into little companions a child would want to cuddle, touch and feel comforted by. Dressed in vibrant prints and a soft delicate face we hope our MacNilly Dolls bring joy and wonder to a child.
We just didn't want to create a hand made doll and not have something meaningful behind it. We wanted to get involved with an amazing NPC that we are passionate about.  Downsideup South Africa was established in 2020 and is a Non Profit Company focused on creating awareness, furthering education and providing support for people with Down Syndrome and their families. Driven by a group of passionate parents, Downsideup is dedicated to creating a greater understanding and acceptance, by assisting parents, educators and medical professionals, to recognize the true potential and worth of all people with Down Syndrome. For more information on Downsideup NPC visit the following handles or get in touch: 
Instagram: downsideupsa
Facebook: downsideupsa
Email: downsideup"
For every MacNilly Doll that is sold, R25.00 of the profits will go to Downsideup South Africa. Packaged perfectly you will receive a certificate of kindness and details about the NPC your funds have gone to assiting and helping. Please email if you would like to get involved or find out more.